oh yeah? (sillyboho) wrote in 2003_kids,
oh yeah?

helicopter parenting

how far do you let your child stray?

today i took my boys {2.5, 5.5} to the library. to get to the kids section you have to pass three library desks, a metal detector, the two main check out desks and a sharp corner. i'm also confident he's contrary enough to yell for me in an emergency. and he's well big enough to remember where i am.

for the first time i let boo go free range in the children's area. i spent my time with the little one and getting books. boo was thrilled. he liked the freedom. i also had him sit with the little guy and show him computer tricks while i ran in the middle school stacks for pet and dinosaur books.

at one point when he was out of my sight for about 10 min i started to worry, and i found him sitting in the storytime area talking to a lady and playing with a 6 month old baby on a blanket. he was being sweet, and the mom was totally fine with him visiting. he <3's babies.

this transtion from kindergartener to 1st grader or little kid to kid is hard.

i'm unsure where to draw lines.
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