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2003 Gave us the gift of life

Our kids are growing up fast!
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This is the "big" sister community of 2006_kids, and mil_moms

This is a community for parents of kids born in 2003. Share pictures, ask questions, give advice, anything involving your 2003 baby!
Just because its not the way you did it, does not make it wrong, accept that your parenting method is not the only one that works. Name calling will result in being banned.

Also, if you want to promote a community, please email me to ask first.

My e-mail is mammanici@yahoo.com feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns.

Tickers For Our Babies... Add yours!

Please post all pictures, or any posts where you are expecting to get pictures as "Friends Only". You are welcome to make any other posts either public or friends, as you see fit.