Shazaga! (voodoodollyiii) wrote in 2003_kids,

Sudden Oversensitivity

Since Christmas, Nicholai has become SO emotional. He cries over the littlest things, tells me he doesn't want to do simple things (not demanding and yelling, just repeatedly stating it), and does such stuff at school, too, when it is time to go to circle, clean up, etc. he also wants to do bad things, like knock over someone's tower, and when told he can't, he'll be like, "but I WANT to". He totally knows this is wrong. He has stopped listening to us well. We've tried positive reinforcement, spankings (little ones), talking it out, etc. Bribes! Rewards. Nothing is working. He gets SO emotional that he can't get ahold of himself. HE WAS NEVER LIKE THIS BEFORE. He did have the following directions problem, but not the emotional stuff. Any ideas, or is anyone else having this problem? He's an oct. 2003 kid. he's the oldest in his class, possibly bored (he's pretty smart), and has a 2 1/2 year old brother. we don't lavish more attention on the little brother at all. i don't nkow why he'd be trying for more attention.
the only hints he can give me (and i don't know how much to trust them, as i might have given him the ideas and he just said yes to them) are that his teacher hugs him and all when he is sad, so he does this for affection (which he gets plenty of at home). she also said she does this and is going to tone it down. also, says he suddenly can't stand to hear the teacher or me yell or be mean, but when he tells me i am yelling and being mean when i am simply redirecting him, putting him in time out, etc. he doesn't want a consequence.
I just don't get why this has suddenly happened.
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