oh yeah? (sillyboho) wrote in 2003_kids,
oh yeah?


bossy bossy mcbossypants!!! he's all over his little brother 'taking care of him' read: being bossy

also - WII monster!!! i don't let him play more than an hour a couple/few times a week, but he's obsessed!!!

he's growing like a weed, i'm buying clothes constantly. he won't eat his snack. he barely eats dinner. i've started cooking based on "will he eat this?" rather then "is this healthy/good/balanced?"

i packed a juice box and a yogurt for his snack today, hoping that would "bribe" him to eat it. :/ at bedtime he calims to be hungry, even if he barely eats dinner. i allow string cheese or a bananna in bed afetr hours for the hungry-stalling-techinque.

i'm just ranting. am i alone? (he's 8/19/03)
Tags: vents
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