oh yeah? (sillyboho) wrote in 2003_kids,
oh yeah?

xpost cause i'm proud!

1st parent teacher conference:

the teacher loves boo. he is ahead on his writing and reading of letters and numbers. he is on track with counting to twenty and his shapes. he can write his first and last name. his coloring is improving by leaps and bounds.

she remarked on how cute it was that he often colors with both hands simultaneously. she called him a "sweet intelligent boy without a mean bone in his body" and commented that he 'never has bad days' (lol)

he is slightly behind (which she made sure to tell me was normal and she was seeing improvement) in lisetnigng to directions promptly and waiting his turn to speak. she mentioned wanting to move his desk away from iris, and i asked that he please stay if possible. he loves girls, and she is very sweet. she helps him with his coloring.

the school speech therapist observed him this week and said that he is well within the range of normal, but has a slight lisp that should go away in the next year. the lisp is adorable, even though i worry about it. he is getting better with his l's and can say "la la la" now instead of "ya ya ya".

overall = :)
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